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Training – Development


The importance we give to the Training and Development of our employees is a reflection of ART GLOBAL Corporate point of view. In-company training that we provide with our employees in order to reach our company objectives also contributes to the development of their career. In the branches of engineering, management and crafts which are required by the fields in which we produce business and service; we form and run programs in order to “improve and encourage the training, learning and skills”. Within this scope, we cooperate with many people, incorporations and institutions.

We maintain regular Training and Development programs by means of traditional learning methods, courses and seminars in addition to Online and Offline Instant Information Resources, In-Service Learning, E-Learning and Virtual Classes, and Online Seminars in order for our workers to set the work-life balance, improve themselves personally and professionally, adapt challenging conditions and use professional competence as required, while running challenging projects. Our employees can follow each year’s performance measurement and career development according to the objectives specified in the Performance Development Process. We encourage our employees to assess their needs – opportunities for Training and Development pertaining to the career targets that they have specified for long term, and to form a personal Development Plan. We use programs that have online access for this. We make our employees’ attendance to some regular Trainings regarding Health, Safety and Environment obligatory. (It is especially obligatory to attend such classes as Environment Managing System for our office workers and Construction Site Security for our site workers.)​