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Human – Workplace Rights


ART GLOBAL is responsible of supporting the basic principles of “International Human and Workplace Rights” at wherever it renders work and service. The success of our job depends on our employees. While forming our policy of Human Rights and Workplace Rights, international standards such as United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work have enabled us with a global point of view and guided us. By the Policy of Human and Workplace Rights that we have formed within this frame, we aim at enabling our applications at our workplaces be in harmony with local laws, be fair and ethical, our decisions that we make be respectful to Human Rights.

ART GLOBAL works so as to spread its efforts regarding a Sustainable society and providing them with as such occupational life to larger masses; via encouraging also all corporations from whom it outsources and with whom they collaborate such as suppliers, subcontractors and work partners for similar applications in order to raise the consciousness of “Human Rights and Workplace Rights” in society, and be a model in this issue. We hope to be able effect life and occupational quality of everyone who has worked with ART GLOBAL in a positive way. Within this context, we try as hard as we can in order for the increase in the contentment of communities with whom we work for working within our corporate, in order for them to benefit from equal opportunities, to have a good working environment, in order for us to be able to contribute positively to their personal and professional developments and in order for their ties that they feel towards our corporate strengthen.

Our target is, to protect and enhance the rights defined in the United Nations’ Universal Human Rights Declaration. We do not tolerate human rights violations.

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