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Health – Safety


We make great effort to protect our employees  and all persons who come to our offices against safety and health problems by means of our HSE philosophy ”Zero Incident‘. By making sure that rapid response actions and monthly compliance controls are completed, we regularly monitor and improve the developments.

Integrating our HSE management system into work and project procedures, we aim at Zero injury, minimum illness, Zero safety violation and maximum positive Environmental Effects at all levels. We determine and analyze Health and Safety Risks which may occur as a result of our activities, and we control them by keeping these risks within acceptable limits. We especially ask our employees to give feedback about these issues.

We form lead HSE Groups that have been elected among our employees working at all of our offices and that have received necessary trainings, for the sake of Safety and Health. We give the necessary support and information in order for these groups to be able to fulfill such duties as being well-prepared for emergencies such as fire, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, injuries and diseases; rendering first aid and first responding; keeping the safety data and protective personal equipments at ready and utilizable for workers and guests. HSE Groups carry out training activities such as courses and seminars by means of preparing the training programs which are also necessary for our HSE Management System andZero Incident‘ philosophy; in order for our employees, supplier and business partners to adopt and be applied. We plan periodical inspections and aim at practices in the ongoing process.

ART GLOBAL acts with accordance to each country’s Occupational Safety and Health Management Standards and to the safest operational applications, except for its own special applications.