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Ethics – Compliance


We are aware of the importance and necessity of social consciousness. That’s why we will always try to find newer and better solutions to the problems that we come across, by means of improving our efforts which we make while approaching to Ethical problems, one step further from laws and legislations.

ART GLOBAL, founded on the basis of principles of behavior appropriate to rules of honesty, integrity, transparency, justice, ethics and law; will work in line with these fundamental principles in the ongoing process as well. We wish not only our employees but also our vendors, contractors and solution partners to work in the manner of strict adoption to this basis of principles. We hope that the basic rules of Ethical and Moral Behaviors prepared within the scope of these principles constitute a guide for our workers and all the shareholders with whom we cooperate, regarding Ethical decisions and behaviors which are required from the conditions of the ever-developing global world.

Business Ethics or Code of Conduct

ART GLOBAL has thought that forming Business Ethics or Code of Conduct will constitute a basic resource of which codes will guide their employees. Through continuous contributions by our employees, these codes of conduct will contribute to the righteousness of the decisions to be made. Codes of Conduct here will probably not well-suit to each circumstance. However, an opinion regarding the issue could be formed and a good route for right decisions could be followed by using these codes and asking questions. ART GLOBAL, regardless what geography and culture their employees belong to, will try to enable them with all means and resources required in order for them to be able to use the highest standards of the Ethical Compliance.

See Codes of Conduct (In process. Please control again later.)

Anti-Illegality Policy

Illegality has still been a big problem worldwide. Hundreds of billion dollars are Bribed each year in the world. ART GLOBAL has adopted the policy of zero tolerance against Bribery and Illegality. Viewpoints of our employees, suppliers and all agencies and institutes with whom we collaborate have to be the same with ours. Art GLOBAL will certainly not tolerate about the issue and will apply all necessary sanctions. By developing local, national and global collaborations related with precautions and trainings required for the struggle with Bribery and Illegality, we are going to maintain our efforts regarding this issue.

Ethical Help Channels

The Ethical Help Line is formed for all our employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and business partners to call and get information in case of need and doubt. By means of Ethical Help Channels such as the Call Center, web channels and helpdesks, 7 days/24 hours of service of debriefing and advice are going to be rendered. These canals are in the preparation phase at the moment, when they are completed, you will be informed from the link below.

See Ethical Help Channels (In process. Please control again later.)