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ART GLOBAL acts within the focus of Diversity and Collaboration so as to form, improve and integrate a qualified Labor Force at global standards in order to reach  its future goals, meet future difficulties optimally. Our understanding of Diversity spreads to all units of our corporation starting from the board of management. We support our target of Sustainability by means of systematical approaches, programs and tools that we use, within an awareness of the fact that perfect results could be obtained thanks to Diversity and Teamwork. We think that our understanding of Diversity will also contribute to our successful integration into processes such as effective business enterprises, common enterprises, consortiums and purchases.

ART GLOBAL makes effort for enabling and protecting loyalty, a respectful and inclusive working environment, for magnetizing the most skilled people to the company and enabling them to sustain their valuable cultures. The unique viewpoint and culture that each employee of ours bring to our company eliminate the lines between continents and cultures. By means of employee net groups, employees of various gender, age, background, skill and culture come together and share their knowledge, experience and sources. There are many business opportunities in different parts of the world and different cultures. We enter into relations with local communities in local markets. Together with Labor Force Diversity, in our daily operations we develop business partnerships with our small-large scaled Suppliers of different regions and cultures globally. We create local supply and labor force channels. Thanks to our diverse business power, suppliers and business partners; we giver service with innovative and global standards, add value to them, by supporting and improving the long-term successes of our Customers and business Partners.