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Community – Soc. Activities


ART GLOBAL is vital for the Social Development. Because we know that people’s personal development and improvement in life quality effects the societies’ development as well. Thanks to Continuous Development, personal and professional skills of people improve and the business-life balance becomes possible for them. This helps not only local economical development but also the development of the world consequently. We carry out a serious of studies, develop projects and try to advocate current projects at the geographical places where we run our businesses, for the development of our employees, the communities and the local society with whom we work. We encourage our employees and also the communities whom we effect directly for Social volunteerism, support them to take part actively.

While realizing their corporation targets, ART GLOBAL will always support and encourage Educational, Environmental, Sanitary, and Cultural organizations and develop collaborations regarding these issues, for Social Development, Environmental Sustainability and the development of Work Power In Future and for Enabling Progress. The studies, projects and social activities we conduct regarding Social Development are to be published in the section of Newsroom of our website.