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Social Sustainability is a part of our Sustainability mission and has a direct effect on reaching our Sustainability Targets. Population Growth and Urban Transformation in the World where we live; causes reduction of Energy resources, climate changes and negative Environmental Effects. It is crucial that society’s level of education and awareness increase in order to leave next generations with a livable world. That’s why we try to contribute to the development of societies worldwide. As an employer, we work hard to improve our employees’ welfare via paying special attention to their health, safety and rights. We support our employees’ personal development, education and career advance, and care for diversity and equality of opportunity. We encourage our employees to contribute to social projects in order for Social Development and Social Awareness to grow. As an ethical and straight corporate, we expect our employees, subcontractors and associates be diligent in these matters.

Human & Workplace Rights

While forming our policy of Human Rights and Workplace Rights, international standards such as United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work have enabled us with a global point of view and guided us.

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Health & Safety

Integrating our HES management system into work and project procedures, we aim at Zero injury, minimum illness, Zero safety violation and maximum positive Environmental Effects at all levels. We determine and analyze Health and Safety Risks which may occur as a result of our activities, and we control them by keeping these risks within acceptable limits.

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Ethics & Compliance

ART GLOBAL, founded on the basis of principles of behavior appropriate to rules of honesty, integrity, transparency, justice, ethics and law; will work in line with these fundamental principles in the ongoing process as well. We wish not only our employees but also our vendors, contractors and solution partners to work in the manner of strict adoption to this basis of principles.

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Community & Social Activities

We carry out a serious of studies, develop projects and try to advocate current projects at the geographical places where we run our businesses, for the development of our employees, the communities and the local society with whom we work.

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Our understanding of Diversity spreads to all units of our corporation starting from the board of management. We support our target of Sustainability by means of systematical approaches, programs and tools that we use, within an awareness of the fact that perfect results could be obtained thanks to Diversity and Teamwork. We think that our understanding of Diversity will also contribute to our successful integration into processes such as effective business enterprises, common enterprises, consortiums and purchases.

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Training & Development

In the branches of engineering, management and crafts which are required by the fields in which we produce business and service; we form and run programs in order to “improve and encourage the training, learning and skills”. Within this scope, we cooperate with many people, incorporations and institutions.

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