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Since its foundation, ART GLOBAL has chosen a way of growth by which they  make contribution to our world’s Economic and Social development, by Environmental consciousness via taking responsibility in the frame of Corporate Social Responsibility and regarding themselves as a Corporate Cosmopolitan; not only by a governance conception of commercial concerns. Business world makes great influence on society. We, together with our workers, suppliers, subcontractors and work partners, and by means of increasing our contributions to the Society, Environment and Economy in a positive way, take all the necessary steps regarding achieving an effective and modeling governance in order to fulfill our responsibilities. For this, we will try to fulfill the corporate responsibilities of ours described below, by means of an effective governance model that comprises basic components of corporate success such as good business applications, honesty, accountability, financial reporting transparency and corporate governance.

  • To abide by standards and governance types admitted internationally,
  • To support governments for Human Rights, equal and transparent regulations, ethical practices,
  • To act in accordance with rules of Law and Ethics,
  • To create direct – indirect business opportunities,
  • To contribute to the Recognized economy,
  • To transfer Technology and international standards,
  • To contribute to our country’s development,
  • To effectively use acknowledged systems in order to reduce Environmental Effects that occur in consequence of our activities,
  • To support, introduce and incent environmental policies through collaborating with Civil Society Organizations and Governments,
  • To enhance the life quality of  society, to invest in human beings,
  • To advocate Art and Historical Projects,
  • To foster cultural variety,
  • To increase our productivity by improving our resources steadily and using them effectively.

ART GLOBAL believes in the importance of strong Corporate Governance in order to achieve their Vision, Mission and targets. ART GLOBAL which was founded in 2013 and is not currently a public corporate but which runs their works in this line, has identified their Corporate Governance Principles in order to provide a Corporate Management frame, and will run their works in line with these principles. A Sustainable management understanding will have been adopted by means of providing accordance with our necessary targets through revision these principles by the Board of Management.

Board of Management

ART GLOBAL is managed by the Board of Management elected by our shareholders. ART GLOBAL Board of Management, while creating value for all our shareholders including our clients, workers, shareholders and communities to whom we give service, manages the function of governance and guidance for the purpose of arriving at common targets in the framework of our corporate principles in conscious of Social Responsibility. Besides, it has a function of following Financial Reporting, Ethical Standards and Legal Compatibilities and reassuring thanks to their conception of honesty, transparency and accountability.

Executive Board

ART GLOBAL Executive Board, has authority to supervise daily operations, works and services produced for our customers, relations with our external shareholders.

Sustainability and Ethics Committee

Sustainability and Ethics Committee is composed of people who represent all departments within our corporation and who have power of decision. Our Sustainability and Ethics committee that is directly supported by the Board of Management and Our General Manager, forms strategic plans, specifies targets, follows the applications and evaluates them in terms of our all business, service and applications’ coherence with our mission of Sustainability. Indications associated with Sustainability are added to our corporate’s performance indications and all developments are observed by this committee. Ethical codes are controlled at determined processes and problems with Ethical Accordance that have reached at the committee are resolved.​