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Water Use


Water is one of indispensable requirements for living beings and is a fundamental problem for our world. Potable Water resources in our world continuously reduce because of rapid population growth, industrialization and irregular urbanization, and the quantity of consumption increases. And this causes the risk of the lack of Water later on. Water resources have to be used in an effective way and this is a problem that has to be solved on a global scale.

ART GLOBAL‘s direct Water Use comprises of the central office and contact and work-site offices at which they do job all around the world. While our efforts for changing our central office and contact offices into a Green Office continue in order to minimize the level of Water required so as to meet our company’s daily needs; we carry on our works aiming at reaching our goals regarding Water Protect, via directly managing Water Use at our  all work fields.

Beyond our own Water Use, ART GLOBAL offers solutions of consultancy, program management, design, construction and operation management in the eye of Sustainability for the work and services that they are going to render for their Customers in the frame of corporate culture. Our experts inform our Clients through various approaches including Sustainable Water Management, Water Supply, Rain Water Management and Sanitation. Except for this, we prefer the ones who suit our point of view with respect to Sustainability while choosing our Suppliers, Subcontractors and all Communities with whom we work in collaboration and by including them in our works of Sustainability, we inform them and run a policy which prompts them to attend actively. By this way we try to enable our efforts of Global Water Protect to spread widely, together with all our shareholders of whom Water Use we effect directly or indirectly.