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Paper Use


Paper is used in every fields of life. Paper, which is of the most use consumable materials in the business world, could dissolve in earth, could be Recycled, is supplied from a totally renewable resource and could be generated in a Sustainable way. Forests are the second largest field that stores carbon dioxide; following the oceans. Trees realize a perfect process named as photosynthesis. By means of photosynthesis, billions of tons of carbon are gathered and stored without doing any harm to the Environment. For one ton of wood obtained from a tree, 1,5 tons of carbon dioxide is taken from atmosphere. The importance of Paper Use can be concluded when considered from this aspect.

ART GLOBAL‘s direct Paper Use comprises project outputs and white Paper used generally in photocopiers and printers for meeting the needs of work offers, contracts, list of conditions, and third parties. We, performing works aimed at minimizing Environmental Effects of our work and service processes, carry out works regarding shaping these processes.

Paper Purchasing

While purchasing Paper, we  mostly prefer Recycled ones and pay attention to the criteria below.

Fiber obtained from Sustainable resources: PEFC and FSC, refers to a Sustainable forestry. Both certifications indicate that the raw material of wood has underwent a legal harvest and obtained from forests that are both certificated and well-managed. These certificates are evaluated together with other indicators such as EU Eco-Label or Carbon Footprint. So, the warranty which guarantees that the total effect of a product upon the Environment is at the minimum level can be received.

Carbon Footprint: Carbon Footprint, is a method that is used worldwide in order to measure and share carbon dioxide emissions of products which stem from their production and/or usage. In Europe, CEPI (Confederation of Europe’s Paper Industries) has developed a method for calculating Paper’s Carbon Footprint. This method is used as a determinative way of measurement while comparing different Paper producers.

Clean and Controlled Production: We choose Paper products which have EU Eco-Label. EU Eco-Label is a certificate given by the European Union to the most Environment-Friendly products. It is supported by European Commission and all member states.

Paper Use

We aim at keeping Paper consumption at minimum levels via the strategies for Paper Use below.

Training: We make effort to raise knowledge and awareness of workers via posters indicating realities and numbers, and news on the internet, for the purpose of reducing Paper Use. We encourage taking electronic copies instead of Paper copies and scanning electronically.

Double-Sided Printing: By modulating many printers and photocopiers in such a way that they can print double sided, we enable that outputs are taken both-sided.

Banking Transactions: We try to refrain from unnecessary Paper consumption and time loss through encouraging using internet branches for banking transactions.

Greeting Cards: We prefer online cards and greeting messages for the new year and festivals.

Publications & Brochures: We pay attention to replicating publications and brochures electronically instead of their copies on Paper. We take care for the printing quantity of brochures and other publications not exceed the need and try to prefer digital printing.

Activities: In corporate meetings and activities, we do not use disposable Paper plates and glasses. We do not throw name badges and are attentive to reusing them.