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Carbon Footprint

Climate change is one of the world’s fundamental problems. This change emerges from Greenhouse Gas emissions that vent ever-increasingly. Greenhouse Gases is a name given to the gases which confine the heat to the world’s atmosphere. These gases cause the greenhouse effect by covering the earth’s surface as a blanket. Confinement of infrared rays by the atmosphere is called “Greenhouse Effect”.  Greenhouse Effect, heats the World’s surface including the sun shine, gases, particles in the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ), Methane and Nitrous Oxide are the main gases that cause the Greenhouse Effect. The most harmful greenhouse gas is Carbon Dioxide. Mankind’s activities add to the Global Warming by increasing the world’s natural Greenhouse Effect. Global Warming; causes aridity in different parts of the world, and also natural disasters such as floods and windstorms as well. As the temperature rises via Global Warming, glaciers melt drifting away the groundmass, and it is stated that this will cause the rise of the seas about 1 meter in 2020, according to the calculations made. By Global Warming, waters on the surface of the oceans get heated and this could raise the stress of the ecosystem.  As a result, coral reefs get harmed and whiten. When they whiten, they die unless the water temperature falls. By the temperature rise, diseases among other marine species become widespread. A vital changes can occur in natural habitats of animals and plants because of Global Warming. Many species could have difficulties in existing in the regions they live. For example, many plants can’t blossom if they don’t live the winter cold. Many species become extinct as the fields in nature damaged by humankind expand.

Carbon Footprint; is the measurement of the damage given by human activities to the Environment in terms of the Greenhouse Gas amount, measured in unit Carbon Dioxide. In other words, it is the percentage of dangerous gases, especially Carbon Dioxide, which spread over nature regarding per person. Calculation on an institute’s Carbon Footprint depends on Greenhouse Gas emissions. Identification and reduction of Carbon Footprint amount has a crucial importance on preventing the climate change. In Carbon Management; some methods such as Carbon Balancing investments are used aiming at raising efficacy, reducing Carbon emissions via using Green Energy, and following this, neutralizing remaining  Greenhouse Gas emissions.

What ART GLOBAL does for the issue of Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Management

First, we took the required steps to plan, manage and report our Carbon Footprint works according to the ISO 14001 – 14064 standards. Within this scope, we started the works of examination of Greenhouse Gas reference inventories and our organization’s comprehensive Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) analyses, with an integrated approach. In the following procedure, we are going to carry out some studies including the estimation of potential emissions in order to determine which working activities of ours cause the most emissions. We are going to build scenarios for the most effective use of corporate sources. In the following process we are going to specify our Carbon strategy and measurable targets; and try to integrate them into our work strategies and processes.

The consulting firm with whom we work together and cooperate in order to balance Carbon emissions optimally in accordance with the “Prevent-Reduce-Balance” principle, develops solutions for Carbon Management and Carbon Neutralizing, on behalf of ART GLOBAL and our Clients too. Emission factors for indirect activities are obtained from coherent Europe Union Life Cycle Database, U.S. LCI Database, U.S. EPA’s EFPAC database and Our Consulting Firm’s own Database.

ART GLOBAL supports the projects which provide a direct Greenhouse Gas emission reduction in different parts over the world and so contribute to protection of the climate directly; and supports for their development. Carbon Balancing projects we advocate have to fulfill the requirements of the stiffest standards (CDM, Gold Standard). Carbon Balancing projects we support; not only diminish emissions that effect the climate change, but also contribute to Sustainable Development of projects areas.

ART GLOBAL, not only supports studies for raising consciousness in order for people’s Carbon Footprint be lessened, but also raises awareness of its chain of value via informing them about the issue in different ways.

Water Footprint

Water Footprint concept; expresses the total amount of Water that is consumed directly or indirectly. Water Usage is measured by the consumed (including evaporation) and/or polluted amount of Water in a unit of time. Indirect Water Use is scaled not at places where the products are consumed, but at places where they are produced. Before figuring out the Water Footprint of a product numerically, it is necessary to analyze the content of Artificial Water. Water Footprint consists of two parts which comprise the usage of local and global water resources. Both parts include usages of Blue Water (waters drained from ground or surface water resources), Green Water (water that lives on rains, evaporates from the soil moisture) and Grey Water (contaminated blue water mass that returns after production).

What does ART GLOBAL do for the issue of Water Footprint?

ART GLOBAL started works for the purpose of  identification of crucial processes and activities which effect Water consumption by them, their suppliers and subcontractors; by means of  Water Footprint analysis. Based on this analysis, we are going to form a basic indicator list so as to reduce risks and prevent cost increases systematically. Our target is to optimize our Water Footprint and minimize our Environmental Effects that stem from this; to reduce costs within our chain of value, and to enhance our Environmental performance by increasing our source efficiency.

ART GLOBAL supports Social efforts and projects for the reduction of individuals’ Water Footprint. We not only regularly work through awareness-raising of all our shareholders on this issue, but also emphasize its importance via periodical presentations and reports and ensure participation in various social activities by encouraging voluntariness.