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Environmental Management


Our Environment Staff working at ART GLOBAL corporate center, apply a range of policies and develop collaborations in order to reduce energy use, recycle paper and rubbish, identify and manage Environmental Effects of projects. The preparations for obtaining the certificate of ISO 14001 go on.

In 2013, during the procedure of getting our certificate, some operations called The Green Office Program will be carried out  in order to inform our workers about the Environment. The Green Office Program encourages the ones working in an office so that they can make Environment-Friendly choices and motives for saving more. The program forms a saving mechanism for the office and enables them to make some individual contribution to the Sustainable use of natural resources. Employees prefer Environment-Friendly products, acting more sensitively to the Environment. The program procedure shall operate as below;

The current resource usage in the office shall be ascertained by office workers’ contributions during The Green Office Program. Then, Environmental Management System of the office shall be formed and The Green Office course of action shall be determined. The program aims at reducing the harm done via simple and applicable resource management, by lowering the waste and costs. Targets regarding energy save at office, effective use of transportation means and materials are to be specified through The Green Office Program. Developments are to be followed systematically within the frame of the program. In this process, it is necessary that at least three criteria of The Green Office below be improved or at least current situation be protected.

The criteria of The Green Office Program comprise three main titles:

1) Energy Save

  • Office Building
  • Illumination
  • Office Tools and Materials

2) Reducing the Effects of Transportation on Environment

  • Transport to Workplace
  • Business Travels

3) Effective Use of Materials & Abating Waste Materials

  • Environment Friendly Consumption Decisions
  • Paper Consumption
  • Effective Use of Materials
  • Waste Management