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Environmental Compliance


ART GLOBAL, handles the issue of Environmental Compliance and Protection seriously with reference to the necessity of the fact that all works and services they achieve must shape the future in accordance with nature, with an awareness of their responsibilities regarding Sustainability of natural resources and life to be able to leave next generations a good world, to enrich their Customers, shareholders, all communities form whom they produce work and to continue their existence. Not generating pollution, and then separate collecting and Recycling are of prime importance to us.

Our ”Zero Event” philosophy encourages the adoption of a consistent behavior and culture for a healthful work Environment and proper Environmental Effects comprising our all operation and service processes and our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program. While doing our all works and services by our ”Zero Philosophy” we have the target of Zero Environmental Compliance Violation.

ART GLOBAL, a young corporate, aims at exhibiting high performance with regard to systematic applications of Environmental Risk Management and Environmental Effects. In general, except for field and construction projects in which we have responsibility of Environmental Compliance, we take steps and try to develop collaborations  aimed at auxiliary tools, training and source improvement  in order to abide by Environmental Laws and Regulations all around the world, foreseeing the probability of the fact that Environmental Risks might occur as a result of our other operations. By identifying Environment legislations concerning the projects we run or we are going to run, and by pre-evaluation of Environmental Risks, we think that expectations regarding this issue has to be met during the project submittal.​