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Energy Use


Much of the venting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases stem from Energy generation and usage. As ART GLOBAL, we act according to some procedures we have specified in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that vent because of our own Energy Use and we regularly evaluate Energy Saving applications. Except for the methods that we apply in person, we perform various applications in order to increase our shareholders’ consciousness. We follow our current data in order to enable Energy Management and to be able to foresee for the future. Accordingly, by making the necessary plans, we are going to determine our future targets that we are going to achieve in the short, medium and long term; and we are going to take our steps accordingly. We aim at less Energy consumption by means of Energy Efficiency which we regard as a continuously progressing process, without lowering our current work and service quality.

In order to reduce our Energy Efficiency and decrease our consumption, within the scope of our works for the Green Office at our current offices, We;

Carry out the works of necessary renovation and restoration regarding the systems of heating, waterworks and air conditioning/ventilating.

Take care to keep the office temperature at 18-20 C in winter, and 24 C in summer.

Reduce the Energy we use in order to get warm by means of keeping doors and windows closed as much as possible in winter.

Use materials which provide water saving such as armatures and washers.

Contribute to reducing our indirect Energy Use via preferring Recycled construction materials..

Design our offices in such a way that we benefit from the day-light maximally.

Use fluorescent tubes and Energy Saving light bulbs.

Use action-sensitive sensors and timing devices for illumination.

Run electric appliances (such as computers, photocopiers, printers, coffee makers) which are used inside the office at Energy Saving positions.

Regularly control, maintain and change the devices (generators, uninterrupted power supplies, air conditioners etc.) which are used for a continuous work at the office and for heating/cooling, and of which Energy consumption is high.

Inform our Employees about the fact that they must keep their computers always turned-off (not stand-by) when they are not using them, that they must turn off the monitor when they are to be out of the office for more than an hour, and must turn off the computer as a whole when they are to be outside for more than two hours.

Prefer Energy Star certificated devices which use Energy effectively while purchasing hardware. While renewing the office computer hardware, we take care for computers and laptops comprise of elements which has a Low Energy (processor, memory, disc, monitor, power supply etc.). We make short-term purchasing plans in order to promote old products to new products which have more effective systems and provide savings.