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Business Travel


As ART GLOBAL, we take some precautions to reduce our Footprint which stem from our workers Transportation to their workplace, Business Travels for managing work and service processes and Transportation for supply processes. However while our businesses expand, to be able to run the projects; our employees, subcontractors and vendors have to use their personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, project vehicles, rental vehicles, planes, buses, vessels, railways, bicycles etc. Given all project and community variables, it is really very hard to measure the efficacy of the precautions we take and the efforts we make in order to reduce our Footprint stemming from Business Travels and Transportation. That’s why we try to keep the balance in different ways by realizing some applications and raising consciousness about the effects of Travelling and Transportation on the Environment.

We run studies for raising our employees’ awareness of the effects of Transportation on the Environment via e-mails, posters, meetings and presentations.

We search for and try to use video conferences and new virtual meeting tools for the purpose of reducing Business Travels and travel expenses. Within this scope, we try to benefit from some co-operational and technological devices for face-to-face dialogs with our Clients. By this way, we might have chance to meet this need as well.

By coordinating the Transportation to the offices, we encourage some of our employees to come by public transportation vehicles, and some to come by a single vehicle in a specific course.

We are attentive to make sure that our vehicles are new and their maintenances are carried out regularly. When purchasing or renting new vehicles, we try to prefer the ones which consume less fuel and has less negative effects on the Environment.

In some areas where we can apply, we form home offices, tele-mobiles and work teams who contribute to the office team at certain times.

We are going to continue our works on this issue persistently and increasingly.