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Environmental Sustainability, an important part of our Sustainability mission, constitutes a crucial component for our Customers as well as for us in terms of work operations and decision–making processes. In order for our Customers make right decisions among complex issues and parameters, with the positive Environmental Effects pointy of view, and for their expectations be met, it is very important that many complicated parameters such as Water Supply, Climate Changes, the Need for Energy and Land Choice be identified correctly. Besides, the application phase is also vital. The fact that our Customers who have taken right steps in terms of Environmental Effects and Sustainability and also Prime-contracting firms whom they assign to their global scaled projects, work with a partner who has the same point of view with them as with ART GLOBAL, during the phases of Application of Projects, will enable the determined project targets be reached and these projects be submitted successfully. We regularly enhance our own work and service operations in order to improve Environmental Effects and carry out our works in this way.

Environmental Compliance

ART GLOBAL, handles the issue of Environmental Compliance and Protection seriously with reference to the necessity of the fact that all works and services they achieve must shape the future in accordance with nature, with an awareness of their responsibilities regarding sustainability of natural resources and life to be able to leave next generations a good world, to enrich their Customers, shareholders, all communities form whom they produce work and to continue their existence.

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Environmental Management

Our Environment Staff working at ART GLOBAL corporate center, apply a range of policies and develop collaborations in order to reduce energy use, recycle paper and rubbish, identify and manage Environmental Effects of projects.

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Water Use

Beyond our own Water use, ART GLOBAL offers solutions of consultancy, program management, design, construction and operation management in the eye of Sustainability for the work and services that they are going to render for their Customers in the frame of corporate culture. Our experts inform our Clients through various approaches including sustainable water management, water supply, rain water management and sanitation.

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Paper Use

ART GLOBAL‘s direct Paper Use comprises project outputs and white paper used generally in photocopiers and printers for meeting the needs of  work offers, contracts, list of conditions, and third parties. We, performing works aimed at minimizing Environmental Effects of our work and service processes, carry out works regarding shaping these processes.

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The first basement of a healthful Recycling is the collection of these materials by separating them at their stem. By Recycling waste materials emerging from consumption, the need for raw material diminishes and our natural resources are protected. Recycling has an important place in ART GLOBAL corporate culture.  We try to raise all our employees’ and the society’s awareness of this issue.

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Energy Use

Much of the venting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases stem from Energy generation and usage. As ART GLOBAL, we act according to some procedures we have specified in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that vent because of our own Energy Use and we regularly evaluate Energy Saving applications.

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Business Travel

When all project and society variances are taken into considerations, it is really too hard to measure the efficiency of the precautions we take and efforts we make in order to curtail our footprints stemming from Business Travels and Transportation. That’s why we try to keep balance in different ways through raising awareness of Environmental Effects of Travelling and Transportation and achieving a series of applications.

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We have taken the steps required for planning, managing and reporting our Footprint studies in concordance with the standards. By an integrated approach within this scope, we started the greenhouse gases reference inventories scanning and comprehensive Corporate Footprint (CF) analysis studies of our organization. For the next period, we are going to carry out some works including estimation of potential emissions and water consumption in order to determine which work operations of ours increase our water consumption and cause greenhouse gas emissions.

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