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In our world where the value of Natural Resources rises each day, our Economic understanding is also reshaping. We have to exhibit different viewpoints by refining the measurable values within the businesses that develop in a Sustainability focused way..

In all this process of change, ART GLOBAL focuses on contributing positively to its clients and shareholders via developing solutions thanks to various viewpoints and approaches for the problems that occur; for the purpose of enabling Economic Sustainability within the axis of Business, Industry, Environment and Social Sustainability. By means of right subcontracting regulations, corporate partnerships and social investments, Sustainable Economic Values could be created, spread and increased.

We are trying to develop good relations with local or small scale enterprises and support them. In this line, we contribute to the growth and improvement of local and small scale enterprises, and woman entrepreneurs by creating business opportunities through training, guidance and other various sources.  Considering the fact that small scale enterprises constitute a majority both in Turkey and the world, we can understand how significant it is to advocate small scale enterprises and entrepreneurship.