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As ART GLOBAL, we work aiming at creating positive values for all our shareholders through our mission of Sustainability. To reach our targets for Sustainability, we make effort firstly for our Employees, Clients, Co-partners and Suppliers to actively attend our efforts for Sustainability and to make progress about this issue. We approach to the issue of Sustainability with an Integral point of view in order to provide current and next generations with a more livable world. In order for our employees’ health, safety, self-improvement, career development, education; social consciousness, social education, social development and environmental affects raise in a positive way, we want to increase our Sustainability performance and improvement continuously.

Ethereality, honesty, accountability, ethical conduct and harmony, humans rights, variety are the values we give the most importance within our works of Sustainability and perception of Corporate Governance. After identifying problematic areas and issues and specifying problems at their stem, we focus on producing applicable solutions and improve these solutions via observing them regularly. In this way, we form innovative applications which adopt better to changes as well.


ART GLOBAL believes in the importance of strong Corporate Governance in order to achieve their Vision, Mission and Targets. ART GLOBAL has identified Corporate Governance Principles so as to provide a Sustainable Corporate Governance frame and will run their works in line with these principles.

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Environmental Sustainability which is a crucial component of our mission of Sustainability has an important place in the processes of making decisions and work operations of our Customers, as much as us.

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Social Sustainability is a part of our Sustainability mission and has a direct effect on achieving our Sustainability Targets. The raise of societies’ education and awareness level is very important in order to leave a livable world to next generations.

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In our world of which Natural Resources increase in value, our  economic conception also reshapes. We need to exhibit different terms of views, re-identifying measurable values in works that develop Sustainability oriented.

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