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Project Delivery Teams


A work team consisting of core team members and shareholders is necessary for each project’s program goals and technical requirements. ART GLOBAL, forms a Project Delivery Team in order to ensure coordination with the Prime Contractor for the projects in which they act as the Subcontractor, and in order to ensure communication and coordination with the project owner Investor (private sector, government or public institution), Subcontractors and Suppliers for the projects in which they act as the Prime Contractor. This Project Delivery Staff generally consists of participative professionals for the roles of programming, planning, design, construction and subcontracting. Gathering right teams; has a crucial importance for the purpose of obtaining the best result possible and minimizing risks and losses. When Project Management Plan (PMP) is made, (or according to the current PMP) determining among the Project Owner / Representative, Project and Construction Managers Prime Contractor Manager, Subcontractor Manager, Private Advisors and other staff members needed for the project according to criteria such as experience, certification, a Project Delivery Team is formed. All Project Managers and Contractors work closely with the Project Delivery Team.

ART GLOBAL, exhibits an integrated performance via their effective and successful project leadership, wielding professional skills such as project management, projects planning, developing, design, cost management, codes and regulations, law of contracts, interdisciplinary communication skills; for big and complex projects, design and construction programs be made successfully.