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Quality Management & Control


ART GLOBAL, starts Quality Management and Control by optimizing Budget, Scope and Quality Control expectations during planning and design checks and continues with inspections, tests, certificates throughout the construction delivery within the compass of a program. We exhibit a performance in coordination with all project staff within the scope of a development program so as to meet our Customers’ and users expectations at the end of the project. We make sure that targeted quality level is provided via regular measurements and controls, while we contribute to identification of the goals through  Quality Control process we form in the beginning of the project. By means of a Quality Control Management which is well-prepared within a vision, faults are eliminated, costs are reduced, general structure quality is improved.

Commissioning is another Quality Control procedure which certificates accordance with goals and criteria determined for the project such as archiving, verifying, facility systems, mounting performances. In order for the facility work well and correctly for perpetuity, the coordination with Commissioning,  suitable training programs and planning development, design decisions, verifications is enabled.