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Project Delivery & Controls


Effective Project Management includes various tools in order to control important factors such as strategy, tactic, design and building submission procedures so as to enable Customers to receive a facility suitable to its purpose, by means of meeting their expectations and providing with functionality. Developing a qualitative structure, low operating expenses directly contribute to increasing contentment of all shareholders.

For a successful project delivery, ART GLOBAL maximizes the investment and uses management programs that will manage important factors such as Scope, Cost, Program (Timing), Quality and Risk, and that will control the changes.

Scope Management

ART GLOBAL carries out Project Scope Management in order for their Customers to reach their targets. Scope Management specifies limits for projects.

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Cost Management

ART GLOBAL analyzes Project Costs in many aspects such as planning, programming and design, bidding, construction, usage durations, and measures them throughout the project.

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Schedule Management

Project Calendar defines procedures and forms a timetable for Project Delivery. Our purpose via Program Management is to avoid time losses while delivering basic project components.

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Quality Management & Control

ART GLOBAL begins their Quality Management and Control by optimizing budget, scope and quality control expectations during planning and design revisions, and continues with inspections, tests, certificates within a program throughout the construction delivery.

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Risk Management

We use some auxiliary techniques in order to realize Risk Management effectively and to overcome possible incidents, in order to be able to see the effects of the methods that we use, to guess possible events via some Risk Management tools.

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