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Planning & Development


Perfection within Project Management becomes possible via effective management and supervision of complicated processes pertaining to each project. ART GLOBAL runs integrated planning and development procedures so as to meet their Customers’ expectations. These procedures provide guidance in order to manage the teams during planning, design and construction.

Determination of Project Requirements

Master Planning, enables Project Scoping via parameters such as pre-planning goals and identification of needs such as evaluation of project alternatives, determination of financial needs, identification of budget handovers and financial effects, which are made before the beginning of the project so as to meet our Customers’ needs. At this part of the process, the effect of the risks regarding a fault that can be made can be so big that it is felt during the project development phase and within the final project results.  That’s why we make effort to take all project shareholders’ opinions at this stage, besides using auxiliary tools in order to identify project targets and goals. And this makes great contribution to the growth of the success of the project.

Determination of the Project Delivery Type

There are many approaches for project design and construction. ART GLOBAL, offers a suitable Project Delivery type, by determining according to the project scope, budget and timing. One of the Project Delivery Types such as Traditional Design/Bid/Build, Integrated Delivery Process, Design-Build, Lease-Build is chosen.

Preparation of the Project Management Plan

A Project Plan includes the definitions of program targets, technical necessities, timings, sources, budgets and management programs. ART GLOBAL specifies duties of key management and supervision by this project. They update changes that occur throughout the project. This plan increases fruitfulness in phases of design and build of the projects.

Management of Design Phases

For a Project Design be managed as agreed, design phases of the Project must be well-coordinated and managed. ART GLOBAL, via Design Management; for the project targets and for coherence with design goals, and by optimizing procedures such as revision of key deliveries and outputs, addition of shareholders’ attendance in a right way necessary for functional test requirements verification, providing accordance with ready-made design standards and criteria; defines the criteria for the purpose of providing the projects’ success and being able to make a qualitative measurement evaluation.

ART GLOBAL uses design management programs and supervises budgets in order to specify suitable aims and targets, apply these, improve general structure quality through measurements throughout the construction and build life, cut project costs and delivery times.

Management of Construction Phases

This stage comprises preparation and management of all construction and document components required for the project. ART GLOBAL Staff, becomes responsible of works such as information requests, order management, presentation evaluations, conflict solution, inspection, due payment; and enables necessary coordination. Management of Construction Phases, has a direct effect on project costs and has crucial importance in this field.

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

ART GLOBAL can use BIM software for saving of time, reduction of design and construction faults and increase of general performance. BIM is a three-dimensional, real-time dynamic building modeling software for design and performance improvement in the process of data production and management throughout the building life. This process comprises building geometry, spatial relations, quantities and qualities of geographic data and construction components. In general, a model made by means of BIM is a trial. Thanks to this modeling, we can verily be informed of the cost, can foresee conflicts and can have opportunity to determine the solutions.