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The fact that Commissioning focuses on testing phase that carried out generally after the construction phase is not correct. Commissioning is a common process for planning, delivery and operation. By means of well planned and applied Commissioning services, ART GLOBAL optimizes the energy use, reduces operational costs and provides their Customers with a safe and healthful facility. In environments of high quality, the risks against threats lessens and work losses are prevented thanks to boosted energy prolificacy, and improved workplace performance. Meanwhile, we may well say that the cost of eliminating the deficiencies through inefficient operations is equal to, and sometimes more than the cost of Commissioning.

Commissioning Services We Provide

Identification of Project Performance Requirements

  • Understanding Needs
  • Defining Threats, Risks and Influences
  • Specification of Key Program Aims and Targets
  • Determination of Crucial Systems to Reach the Targets
  • Key Commissioning Programs Activities

Commissioning Process Planning

  • Forming Targets of Quality, Efficiency, and Functionality
  • Formation of Commissioning Approach and Scope
  • Forming Commissioning Budgets
  • Forming Commissioning Plans
  • Forming Commissioning Timings
  • Forming Test and Inspection Plans
  • Improving Commissioning Qualities
  • Specifying Special Test Requirements
  • Creating Re-Commissioning Plans

Document Conformity and General Acceptance

  • Preparation of Documents at all levels for  Project Development and General Acceptance
  • Determination of Commissioning Systems Inspection, Test and Training Circumstances
  • Forming Commissioning Budgets
  • Key Commissioning Documentation Editing