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Project Services


ART GLOBAL, through an effective coordination manages, controls and observes the processes of Planning, Developing, Design, Execution-Application, Delivery and Commisioning in order to run a project successfully and effectively according to their Customers’ and users’ expectations. We have the Project Management expertise and experience necessary for an investment be made, delivered and be of high performance; in such a way that it meets the users’ needs throughout its physical life, provides benefit in terms of Economic and Social aspects, contributes to the Environment in a positive way, is Sustainable, is due and within the budget limits and acceptable costs.

Project Delivery Teams

A work team consisting of core team members and shareholders is necessary for each project’s program goals and technical requirements. This Project Delivery Staff generally consists of participative professionals for the roles of programming, planning, design, construction and subcontracting.

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Planning & Development

Perfection within Project Management becomes possible via effective management and supervision of complicated processes pertaining to each project. ART GLOBAL, runs integrated  Planning and Development procedures so as to meet their Customers’ expectations. These procedures provide guidance in order to manage the teams during planning, design and construction.

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Commissioning is a common process for planning, delivery and operation. By means of well planned and applied Commissioning services, ART GLOBAL optimizes the energy use, reduces operational costs and provides their Customers with a safe and healthful facility.

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Project Delivery & Controls

For a successful project delivery, ART GLOBAL maximizes the investment and uses management programs that will manage important factors such as Scope, Cost, Program (Timing), Quality and Risk, and that will control the changes.

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