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Source Inspection


There are many reasons for our clients to benefit from our Source Inspection services. Many of our Customers calculate increasing efficiency and profitableness. However, there are many other advantages as well.

 ‘Source Inspection Services‘ that ART GLOBAL render; sets a good course of action for timely submittal of materials and equipment, prevention of consignment delays, minimizing the responsibility and loss in case of high-risk and expensive products break down.

Our experienced ‘Source Inspection Specialists‘, assure our Customers that the materials and equipment in demand meet needs, through effective inspection planning, fruitful testing and reporting methods. They optimize offers, in order to achieve certain goals, provide value by means of budgeting the sources.

The Quality of the materials and equipment purchased is a crucial factor for the success of each project. Our Inspection Specialists work in direct collaboration with Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management disciplines, in order to meet quality requirements of each project. So; they determine, check and verify the quality terms essential for each project. They prepare necessary reports and avoid discordances.