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In all projects we take part as Prime Contractor, Subcontractor or Supplier, we globally render the services Materials – Equipment – Vehicle – Labor Force – Service Purchase and Procure  in all fields needed by our Clients.

ART GLOBAL Purchasing Department is responsible of Purchasing and Procurement of Materials – Equipments – Vehicles – Labor Force and Services and of managing all these processes. Purchase Experts of ours develop Purchase Plans for required Materials – Equipments – Vehicles – Labor Force and Services in such a way that they support strategies of operations pertaining to each project. Accordingly, they implement Purchases.

Our Purchase Experts actively attend the development of a project by early planning in the phase of development of the project, in order to support project teams’ efforts.

Purchase and Supply Chain Management (SCM) has crucial importance for the projects’ success. Strategic coordination necessary for the demands of project staff and integration of procurement management are achieved through our Supply Chain Management System. Purchase Experts of ours, by their flexible structure, ideally managing the processes of identification of procurement sources, building a supplier database, supplier analysis and choice, supplier inspection, maintaining relationships with suppliers, resolving the disagreements; equalize demands of project teams and procurement, and meet needs effectively. By this, Purchases of high prolificacy, desired quality, right time and low cost take place. As ART GLOBAL, we maximally reflect all our advantages, in all works and projects we undertake or take part as a supplier, to our Customers.