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Material Management


Material Management has three phases which are Quality Control, Spare Part and Inventory Management.

Quality Control phase of is our first priority within Material Management. Material standards, inspection, return and test processes are applied in order to assure that the quality of all parts, materials and equipments are met satisfactorily.

Spare Parts are inseparable parts for production lines and equipments to work continuously. Mismanagement of this process might cause cutbacks and production loss.

Inventory Management makes it possible to prevent from damages or losses, from placing or order losses.

As ART GLOBAL, we work in order to assure that the Materials and Equipments are obtained and delivered in right quantity, right time and expected quality; using innovative schedules and modern logistic systems, we aim at minimizing our Customers’ total material expense.

Thanks to our Material Management that works by way of scheduling according to our Clients’ project needs and in integration with our procurement system, we obtain competitive and advantageous quotes.