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Perfection at Procurement & Supply Chain and Operation must be achieved so that our Customers be provided with right Product or Service in right place, right time and in a cost-effective way. In this way, giving more effective replies to our Customers’ demands, we can contribute to decrease of costs.

As ART GLOBAL, we generate applicable solutions through our Procurement & Supply Chain Management strategies. Thanks to analyses, methods and vehicles that have proved themselves, our competence at analytical planning, our Operational Procurement & Supply Chain organization; all  Procurement processes work together in coordination. Using today’s technologies and logistic methods, we make effective decisions aimed at expediting the process of Procurement Management.

Thanks to our Global Vendor relations, Solution Partners and Collaborations, we offer our Customers  Strategic Purchase opportunities and optimize transport networks.

Source Inspection

There are many reasons for our Customers to benefit from our service of  Source Inspection. Many of our Customers consider it in order to increase performance and profitability. However there are many other advantages of it as well.

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While running the projects, Project Management and Expediting‘ works are important and necessary  in terms of supplying cost-effective materials and equipment, insuring the delivery of materials and equipment in time, and data access control.

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Materials & Equipments

As ART GLOBAL, we provide Management and Control services necessary for enabling the Materials and Equipments be obtained in right quantity, right time, and desired quality; for delivering them correctly and organizing them on the field/site.

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Purchasing & Supply Chain

In all projects we take part as Prime Contractor, Subcontractor or Supplier, we globally render the services ‘Materials – Equipment – Vehicle – Labor Force Service’ Purchase and Procure  in all fields needed by our Clients.

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Rental & Leasing

In all projects we take part as either Prime Contractor or Supplier, we globally render the services of Materials and Equipment Leasing, Vehicle Leasing and Labor Force Providing in all fields needed by our Clients.

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For the projects carried out throughout the world, including uneasy areas, we act together with our strong Solution Partners in order to provide more efficient, economical and timely Transportation Services.

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Import & Export Compliance

Technical, Legal, Commercial and Operational Compliance  problems that did or could emerge globally within projects in different countries and locations during design process, materials and equipment choice process while running the projects, or in the phase of procurement; must be identified and solved.

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What We Buy or Supply

By linking below, you can see the products and services we provide so as to run our Customers’ projects or we Buy or Supply by using external sources.

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SSP – Supplier & Subcontractor Portal

SSP includes applications that enable Suppliers and Subcontractors to work and communicate online with ART GLOBAL.

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