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Operations & Maintenance


We know how it is of important that the facilities are Operated and Manage. There is no cost saving at facilities which are not well operated and managed.

ART GLOBAL, using facility Operations and Maintenance Technologies of which success has been proved and industrial applications and solutions, and within asset performance increase, provides an employment of labor force that is ultra educated and meticulous about working issues. With this Staff who work and get trained in close relationship with the Customers, while it is possible to increase, maintain Customer Satisfaction, capital investments are also protected and cost savings are achieved by increasing service level and productivity.

Today’s successful public institutes and corporations can focus on core jobs they do best. ART GLOBAL, has necessary capabilities and strategic solution partners globally so as to render services of Labor Force, Materials, Equipment, Vehicles” Procurement and Leasing, External Source Usage and Management, Operations-Maintenance required so as to support all construction and post-construction activities such as maintenance facilities, hotels, office buildings, corporate centers, storages, production and technology facilities, concrete plants, equipment fleets, military installations, public establishments; also including all small construction businesses all over the world.

Some of our Services are;

  • External Source Usage and Management for the Facilities
  • Building Operations-Maintenance Services
  • Work Order Planning, Execution and Management
  • Energy Management
  • Carrying, Loading – Changing Programs
  • Environment, Health and Safety Services
  • Supplier / Vendor Management
  • Procurement Services
  • Call Center Services
  • Technical Infrastructure Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Data Analyses, Risk Evaluation, Document Management
  • Education, Training Services for Employees