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Sustainable Building Design


We closely follow and pay attention to Sustainability enterprises in the world.

Building – Facility construction and management have direct or indirect far-reaching effects on the environment. Buildings use sources such as energy, water, raw materials, leave waste and spread potentially harmful atmospheric emissions.

While making accessible, safe, healthful and fruitful designs for our Customers’ new or to-be restored facilities; we struggle for minimizing the negative effects on the environment. When the difficulties at present are taken into consideration, reinforcement of current facilities in terms of Sustainability  might be costlier than constructing a new facility.

Sustainable Building Design; decreases costs and environmental effects and can increase building flexibility. The synergic approach we exhibit is to provide an optimum balance with regards to  sustainable design, environmental management and protection, costs, environmental and social utilities. In this way, it could be possible to avoid environmental pollution which stems from the facility and infrastructure’s own life circle; to build up comfortable, safe, productive and habitable areas; to prevent energy, water and raw material resources which are the main goals of sustainable design from depletion.

Our Services are;

  • Planning
  • Site Selection, Restoration
  • Sustainable Architectural Design
  • Power Betterment
  • Atmosphere Protection
  • Resources; Recycling, Protection, Conservation
  • Selection of Materials
  • Enhancement of Indoor Environmental Quality – IEQ
  • Maintenance Practices and Operational Optimization