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Interior Design


ART GLOBAL Interior Design Experts generate creative, technical and applicable solutions that strengthen our Customers’ performance, help their organizational skills in order to provide an interior environment suitable to their work strategies or lifestyles. While showing alterations in each project, these solutions are aesthetically attractive, enhancing the life quality of their users and functional. For this, we understand our Customers’ expectations well and work in close collaboration with them.

With Interior Design, a long-lasting and safe inner space are provided  by means of healthful material choice and technical collaboration, taking design elements such as research, analysis, information integration, compliance with technical codes and standards, environmental sustainability, Customer needs and resources into consideration.

Our design, coordination and management skills helps our Customers focus on their basic job during these processes.

Our Services;

  • Space Planning – Design
  • Building Finishes and Fixtures
  • Furniture Selection or Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Signage Design
  • Computer Visualization