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Executing Architectural works which has an important place among design disciplines, ART GLOBAL Architecture Teams; integrate into the whole in tandem with our Project Management staff, having a solid grasp of technical standards by means of occupational skills and experiences as with other design disciplines, interacting early with the other design disciplines. They render the services below according to each project’s program goals and technical needs.

Architectural Design

ART GLOBAL Architects focus on Our Customers’ investments by adding the values such as ” Aesthetics, Accessibility, Functionality, Productivity, Safety, Sustainability”.

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Interior Design

ART GLOBAL Interior Design Experts generates creative, technical, and applicable solutions that strengthen our Customers’ performance, help their organizational skills in order to provide an interior environment suitable to their work strategies or lifestyles.

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Sustainable Building Design

While we make accessible, safe and fruitful designs for our Customers’ new or to-be-renewed facilities; we struggle for minimizing the negative effects on the environment on the other hand.

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3D – 4D – BIM

ART GLOBAL Architects use various visualization techniques, technologies, data shared analysis and cooperation vehicles so as to help our Customers make early decisions during the design procedure.

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Statute / Code Consultation

ART GLOBAL Architects establish communication at apprehensible conditions for statute/code needs required for structures. By correctly interpreting legal documents and codes, they make suggestions to and help our Customers so as to meet their own private needs.

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