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Construction & D-Build


ART GLOBAL, accomplishes globally complex and compelling construction applications for their Customers; engineering and construction management applications for Design-Build projects. We ensure that we are going to transact businesses that meet and even go beyond our Customers’ expectations, that are environment-friendly, of high quality and safe; bringing right time, right materials and equipment, right subcontractor and labor sources together with cost-effective and realistic budgets; quickly developing optimization via our international Project DesignImplementation and Risk Management experience. Our purpose is to reach perfection and contribute to our Customers’ success by approaching projects within every scope and capacity that we take charge of or support over the world with a same-level professionalism and good faith and by creating value for the projects.

We render full-scope engineering and application solutions by our mission of Sustainability, importance we attach to Continuous Development and Training; combining the newest technologies, systems, programs, innovative engineering approaches and methods of which success for track, Design, Application (Build) and Management  have been proved with a workforce sophisticated at capability, experience and proficiency and able to use processing tools such as Planning, Timing, Communication, Management and Collaboration.

Construction Management

By rendering integral Construction Management Services for business and projects at all levels, we have competence at working within small or large communities in a nested and integrated way.

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Construction Execution

Construction Execution is as important as project design for the project be completed successfully. ART GLOBAL Construction Experts, exert great effort for the projects be achieved as designed and pay the necessary attention to each detail.

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Our Construction Staff

ART GLOBAL, has teams competent and experienced at working globally, ranging from Project Management Experts to Engineers, from Technical Staff to Craftsmen and Workers.

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Technology & Quality

We show high performance by means of many management and work execution tools and advanced technologies in order to optimize construction activities and obtain required Quality for all project phases.

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HSE – Health, Safety, Environment

ART GLOBAL has adopted a ‘Zero Incident‘ philosophy about HES, giving special importance to their employers’ health, safety and environmental impact (HESHealth, Safety and Environment) by means of their plannings including all projects and offices, detailed applications and training practices.

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While meeting our Customers’ needs and expectations and running all our businesses; we adopt  a conscious and Sustainable approach in terms of Social aspects, Economic aspects and Environmental Impacts.

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