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As a Contractor or Subcontractor, ART GLOBAL Inc. provides their global customers in various sectors with the services of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Repair (EPCM) and Project Management.                                                                                                           

ART GLOBAL Inc. is ready to render services to Commercial Enterprises, Entrepreneurs or Entities willing to make a capital investment, willing to renovate their current investment; to Military Institutions, Public Institutions, Governments willing to make an investment for public use or to Prime Contracting Firms that carry out globally currently high-budgeted projects, as per their requests, within the bound of budget, timely and safely  in the service areas below.


ART GLOBAL Inc. produces globally infrastructural work and services such as International Airports, Transportation, Water Constructs, Environmental Infrastructure, Telecommunications for their global customers.

Infrastructure Detailed Info


ART GLOBAL Inc. produces  globally superstructural work and services such as Buildings, Public & Government, Tourism – Culture – Sports Facilities, Restoration – Renovation, Modular Structures for their global customers.

Superstructure Detailed Info


ART GLOBAL Inc. produces  globally Industrial work and services such as in the Chemical & Petrochemical, Mining & Metals & Minerals, Manufacturing & Consumer, Life Sciences Industries for their global customers.

Industrial Detailed Info

Military Facilities

ART GLOBAL Inc. globally produces work and services in the areas of need such as projecting, constructing Military Facilities, Military Camps and Bases, Special Military Structures – Systems and support services for their global customers.

Military Facilities Detailed Info

Energy & Resources

ART GLOBAL Inc. globally produces work and services aiming at energy investments such as Energy Production Systems and Facilities, Power Configuration & Distribution Systems,  Pipe Lines for their global customers.

Energy & Resources Detailed Info

Global Services

ART GLOBAL Inc. globally produces work and services with their global Services such as Engineering, Supply, Construction Design & Construct, Operation & Maintenance & Repair, Project Services for their global customers.

Global Services Detailed Info