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Corporate Identity Materials


(Soon) You may download ART GLOBAL Inc. company logo by clicking on any of the logos listed on this page. However, because our logo is the visual representation of our corporate brand, please contact ART GLOBAL Communications – PR department before using or reproducing our company logo.

Obtaining Permission to Use Our Logo

Contact ART GLOBAL Inc. PR team and provide the following details:

  • Which logo you need
  • The intended use of the logo
  • The type of collateral in which the logo will be used (brochure, sign, advertisement, website etc.)
  • What text or imagery will accompany the logo
  • Any examples, links or other materials that might help us understand how you intend to use our logo

ART GLOBAL Inc. Logos & Usage Guidelines

If you download and use our company logo, follow these guidelines:

  • Use only artwork that we provide to you.
  • Do not alter, re–create or crop the logo–the images on this page are size to allow a minimum “clear” space around the company logo
  • Use our logo only to refer to ART Global Construction Inc. or our subsidiaries
  • Our logo must stand on its own and must not be combined with another company’s name, domain name, logo or brand name for a product or service

These guidelines are not comprehensive. For more information on how to use our company logo, please contact ART Global PR team.