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Our Vision-Mission-Values


For What Do We Make Effort?


Our Vision is

To take place in globally known ”High Budgeted and Challenging Projects” and have a voice.

Our Client Vision is

To have our clients live ”The Best Customer Experience” that exceeds their expectations.

Our Partnership Vision is

To create mutual permanent values gaining together with our Suppliers and Subcontractors.

Our Human Resources Vision is

To be one of the best Preferedcorporate to be worked with.

Our Globe Vision is

To raise our responsibility to the maximum level by giving the necessary support for a Sustainable World and developing practices that make a difference.


Our Mission is

To safely submit all works and projects that we are to  achieve anywhere anytime in the fields that we render service within our targets, strategies, values, social responsibilities, environmental awareness, sustainability effort, and ethic principles; by adding value and continuously and apparently increasing these values in a beneficial way for our Clients, Shareholders, Employees and Societies to whom we serve.

To Construct Trust”.

Our Indispensable Values

Human Orientation

We work for people’s happiness and the rise in their life quality. Our Employees’ happiness reflects directly to our Customers’ and the Society’s happiness. Respecting a Human, Respecting the Society and Next Generations; are the basis of our Human Oriented viewpoint. From this perspective and with reference to  the necessity that the sources of our world used smartly, we are trying to contribute positively to our Globe and Whole Humanity in Environmental, Social and Economic terms, and to spread this awareness of responsibility.


Our Development viewpoint is very different. In our efforts to reach Sustainable Excellence via our innovative approaches, the importance we attach to alteration and differentiation; we always have to control, improve and develop our works and services and produce qualitative works-services. And to achieve this, we mind working in a solution oriented way like teamwork, cooperation, taking charge and being accessible.

Principled Management

By adopting ‘Principled Management‘ within our understanding of Corporate Management, we don’t give up our healthful and safe work principles on the basis of transparency, honesty, justice, accountability, ethic behavior and congruence, kindness, human rights, and diversity. Evaluating our decision making processes within this frame, we work in compliance with National and Global laws and rules.


It is probable to achieve great successes as a result of ambition and of its outcome of working in determination. We want to focus on our Clients and their expectations by means of making this Ambition a part of our corporate culture. Thus we take the first and the most important step for our future successes. While the fact that we develop solutions through Ambition and positive point of view reflects to our Corporate, Shareholders and Employees positively, it also contributes to our Customers’ successes.