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ART GLOBAL Construction Engineering Investment Services Inc. is a young, dynamic and flexible structured corporation which was established and started its activities in 2013 after two years of preparation process together with the Project Manager, Site Manager, Field Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Technical Office Manager, Purchasing Director and a technical and administrator team that has taken charge in similar positions in many countries of the world (Turkey, Middle East Countries, CIS Countries, UAE, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan) since 1996. Having completed various projects during all these experiences, our firm has managed thousands of employees.

ART GLOBAL that adopted a consistent and sustainable growth strategy is determined to make the necessary effort and performance in order to meet and even to go beyond their Customers, Investors and Workers’ minimal expectations at maximum levels. For this, all necessary preparations were made before the establishment of the corporation, our Corporate Administration Principles based on Corporate Social Responsibility, Work Ethics and Sustainability were identified, Administrative Management was formed and our corporate departments started their activities. Short, medium and long term strategic work and investment plans were developed and the necessary steps were taken from the very beginning  for Qualified and Various Skilled Labor, Talent Management and Resource Management. By virtue of its fair and perspicuous nature, ART GLOBAL became one of the first equity companies established after YTTK (New Turkish Commercial Law) came into effect. Our certification processes related to present Brand, Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment have started.

Our goal; is to become a global player that is reliable in its sector; that develops, runs and maintains perfect projects for its customers globally within the bounds of budgets and to take responsibility for large-scaled businesses and projects in Prime Contractor – Joint Venture Partner – Subcontractor – Supplier positions.

ART GLOBAL’s priority in order to achieve their goals is;

Together with its technical staff and experienced sub-staff and in collaboration with its Customers, to duly fulfill as a solution partner its Subcontractor – Supplier mission which is the biggest drawback for Turkish Contracting Firms that have taken charge of business and projects as the Prime Contractor abroad and for Multinational Prime Contracting companies that carry out globally high-budgeted businesses and projects. Accordingly, working duly with cost effective principles, we pay attention to employers’ and directors’ apprehensions all along the businesses we undertake before, during and after work in accordance with contracts and specifications. Additionally, we preeminently pay regard to Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policies.

As ART GLOBAL Construction Engineering Investment Services Inc., we are going to produce work and service with a consciousness of responsibility, combining the experiences, knowledge and financial power we have treasured up for years with ‘Management Effectiveness and Communication Skills, High Technology, Innovative Approaches and Creativity’.